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Sale a brick object suitable for reconstruction for house, storehouse or garage.
Technical data:
Location: Rousinov
49°49'24.723"N, 14°48'46.711"E
Year of construction and acceptance: 1997
The building was built on the built-up area and the courtyard, plot st. 180
Cadastral territory: Kozmice u Benešova, Středočeský kraj,Czech republic, EU
Built-up area: 65 m2
Roofing (roof tiles): Bramac
Attic: Velux roof window, linoleum, preparing for thermal insulation,access to the outdoor metal staircase.
Building insulation against moisture: Yes
Land area: 830 m2, without fencing, marked with geodetic points.
Plaster: stucco
3x window hole (now blinding glass block)
Ceiling: concrete panels
Object type: other building (warehouse), already during the construction designed for easy reconstruction of the family house.
Sufficient height of the room.
Object guarantees a pleasant spatial intimacy.
Electricity: the electrical switchboard located in this column the gateway.
The electric cable is kept below the ground. The cable ends at the house. Not Connected.
Water: the need to dig a well,water (springs) at a depth of 3.5-4 meters, the land dry.
Plot: trees, conifers, shrubs.
The entrance to the land: two-piece, iron gate.
Solid surface, grassy land up to the object.
Parking: on land area
Arrival: after local road-asphalt.

Municipal Office, Post office, Bus station, Restaurant, Shop, approx. 1,7 km
Nursery school, school 1-2 class of approximately 4 km
An object with a plot of land is situated in the ecologically clean landscapes.
2 ponds, forest (mushrooms, raspberries, blackberries) approximately 200 m (deer, hares), the land around.
Location: a small, quiet, well-kept village, 17 residential objects(some just being used recreationally)
The distance to Prague: The entrance to the highway D1 34 km, the distance to the highway 4 km.
Time availability: The Centre of Prague (Pankrác district) approx. 30-32 minutes in the normal car.